The Perry Construction Progress

Substructure Finale

Construction continues to progress efficiently at The Perry as we are in the final stages of completing the underground structure. Corner braces that once provided additional support for the retaining walls are torch welded and removed. One of the final steps for the sub-structure is to build the ramp from Parking Level One to grade.

Detailed components can be seen prior to concrete being poured into the formwork such as electrical conduits and boxes as well as high chairs that support rebar during concrete placement are tied into the steel structure.

FACT: Concrete and steel are partners when it comes to structural integrity. Concrete has outstanding strength in compression but it ranks weak in tension. Meanwhile, steel outperforms concrete in tension. The two materials together can resist tension and increase flexural strength. Further, the coefficient of thermal expansion is similar for concrete and steel, so when reinforced concretes freezes or gets hot, the two materials contract and expand similarly. If they didn’t, the combination would tear itself apart over it.