Sheats Goldstein

American architect John Lautner conceived the Sheats Goldstein Residence in the early 1960s envisioning the building from the inside working his way outward to the overlooking views of Los Angeles. The house is located on a unique site, well above Beverly Hills, built atop and into the hillside.

James Goldstein purchased the home in its disarray state in 1972, with many of the architectural details of the home having been changed by the three previous owners. Goldstein decided to commission John Lautner for a renovation that would span the course of 2 decades. The extensive details in the house, Lautner’s trademarks, are spectacular: concrete built-in furniture, leather panelled walls, and the triangle form repeated throughout the residence. James Goldstein is a fixture himself, with an eccentric fashion sense; he has a couture closet filled with a mix of vintage leather chaps, and feather masks. His flare can be seen in the touches he has added to the property.

The house has a room designed by artist James Turrell, a built in piece nestled into the lower part of the site, commissioned by James Goldstein himself.

Club James, the resident club on the property, hosts private events for rent, with concrete built in furniture and interior stainless steel cladding, framing views down to the city below. Sitting on top of Club James, the cantilevered tennis court, is where you will find James Goldstein, sunning himself and reading his paper.

James Goldstein has donated the Sheats Goldstein Residence to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, recognizing how much of an architecture fixture he has created. He has cemented his mark on contemporary Southern Californian architecture including a legacy left by Lautner, and his generous donation is showcase to that.