Neighbourhood Feature

Whitby, Ontario is regarded as one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and has seen significant increase in both residential and commercial development. Steps away from the Whitby Marina, and the Lynde Conservation area, Harbour Cove townhomes offer a lifestyle of convenience while surrounded by nature and history. The close proximity to highway 401 and to the GO station gives the residents of Harbour Cove easy access for commuting throughout the GTA.

A. Iroquois Park & Sports Complex

As quoted in the Toronto Star recently, Iroquois Park Sports Centre was voted one of the Top 5 Best Arenas in the GTA. The 250,000 square feet municipally owned facility hosts over two million visitors annually, making it a substantial tourist attraction for the area. The Complex houses 6 arenas, swimming pools, banquet halls, and athletic training facilities.

The Abilities Centre is a recreational training facility located within the park that houses a 200-metre track, as well as three full size regulation basketball courts.The facility accommodates people of all ages and range of abilities, and assists them to help increase and improve their health and mobility.  Designed by B + H architects, the centre was utilized during the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games as a training facility and is renowned for its easy accessibility and specialized equipment.

B. Lynde Shores Conservation Area & Cranberry Marsh

The Lynde Shores Conservation Area, located directly along Lake Ontario, offers many activities including hiking, canoeing, paddling, and wildlife viewing. Established in 1972, the park consists of the Conservation area of 272 hectare and the Cranberry West Tract of 40 hectare. The habitat provides ample nesting grounds for animals as well as a stopover point for migrating birds. The Conservatory encourages many educational opportunities for visitors to experience full immersion in nature with direct access to wildlife. The park welcomes visitors of all ages and encourages interaction with wildlife: Feeding chickadees sunflower seeds while walking the trails is considered one of the main attractions.

C. Whitby Shores Shopping Center

Located across the street from the Harbour Cove development, the 85,000 square feet Whitby Shores Shopping Centre offers residents easy access to LCBO, Tim Hortons, Metro grocery store, Scotiabank, and other convenient offerings.

D. Port Whitby Harbour/Marina

The Port Whitby Marina has been actively servicing recreational boaters since 1978, but its historical importance dates back to the 1800’s when it was a significant commercial trading port servicing the ships along Lake Ontario. The new clubhouse, built on the Marina in 2004, includes an interior lounge area with panoramic views of the water. The Marina is located next to the GO station and is the perfect place to enjoy activities such as biking and kayaking.

E. Whitby Yacht Club

Located in the historic Whitby Harbour, Whitby Yacht Club members can access a range of activities such as book clubs, dinner and dancing, yachting and yacht racing. This premier recreational club has been highly regarded as a dynamic and all-inclusive facility since 1966. The Club’s close proximity to Harbour Cove allows residents to have the opportunity to become members and to enjoy easy access to activities both on land and water, in addition to a gathering space within the community.


F. Whitby Lions Promenade & Heydenshore Pavilion/Park

The Whitby Lions Promenade, located on the coast of the Harbour and just below the Whitby Marina, consists of trails and pathways along the waterfront.

Heydenshore Park is located on the shore of Lake Ontario, just next to the promenade, and offers the community beautiful views of the surrounding water along the trails. The park is full of comfortable spots to enjoy the outdoors and to have a relaxing picnic.